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Cultural and artistic association “KUD JASENICA”




Село Јасеница 18 412 Житорађа


Село Јасеница 18 412 Житорађа, Република Србија


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Cultural and artistic association “KUD JASENICA”

KUD Jasenica started working in 2014 as a folklore section of MZ Jasenica and in March 2015. It grew into KUD Jasenica. Professor dr. Is in charge of professional work with children, and there are 40 of them active and 20 helping members. Vlado Nutavdzic from DIF from Nis. KUD Jasenica deals with preserving and nurturing the tradition of our region (Dobrich) and the whole of Serbia through song and dance. The folklore section of KUD Jasenica participated in all events in the municipality of Zitoradja. It is a participant in numerous international folklore festivals organized throughout Serbia, for example : in Blace, Paracin, Svrljig, Zupski Aleksandrovac, Vrnjacka Banja, at children’s festivals in Lazarevac, Trbusnica, Nis, Prokuplje, Prolom Lukovska, Niska Banja, on TV PINK and TV Happy, a total of 135 performances. We are the organizers of the festival “Dobrička bisernica”, the manifestation “From heart to heart”, “Meetings of friends” and others.