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National children’s folklore competition “Give, grandma, fire!”


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National children’s folklore competition “Give, grandma, fire!”

At the beginning of the third millennium, the number of bearers of folk culture became less and less. Only special care could save the last grains of this spiritual wealth of the Bulgarian people. By organizing a National Children’s Folklore Competition “Give, Grandma, a fire!” Our ambitions are to enrich the participants’ knowledge of the cultural and historical heritage, to develop their creative talents and talents – so necessary to preserve our national identity. Presentation of authentic children’s folklore – children’s folklore games; entertainers, names, counters, proverbs and riddles. Folklore people from Graovo, restoration of folk customs, dramatization of Bulgarian folk tales, performance of folk songs and dances to be able to increase children’s interest in Bulgarian folklore. Through their participation the children upgrade their knowledge of the Bulgarian folklore and the cultural heritage of Bulgaria, are brought up in a culture of tolerance and harmony, get acquainted with their roots and traditions. They make sense of their own differences and accept them, they learn to accept tolerantly the differences of others. Belonging to art groups, public appearances, teamwork is an excellent incentive to make sense of their free time.