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Chiprovtsi Carpet Festival – folklore program


България / Монтана


град Чипровци, общ. Чипровци


град Чипровци, общ. Чипровци, бул.”Петър Парчевич” № 57, п.к. 3460


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Chiprovtsi Carpet Festival – folklore program

The aim of the festival is to popularize the Chiprovtsi carpet, presenting both the tradition in the craft and the entry of modern motifs in its production. You can learn exactly how the masterpieces for the floor with two completely identical faces are made on Chiprovtsi Uprising Square. On this day, the center for the sale of carpets and souvenirs in the patterns of the Chiprovtsi carpets will open. Souvenirs are the most diverse. Among them are watches whose dial is a motif of Chiprovtsi carpet. You will also be able to see the open-air exhibition of traditional wool and cotton carpets. Chiprovtsi carpets are famous all over the world for their skillfully woven geometric figures of people, animals and birds in red, black, yellow, blue, brown and green. Initially, the carpets were only red and black, but later the color palette with which they were made was enriched. On some of the carpets, the skilled maidens centuries ago weaved their year of production. Chiprovtsi carpets are recognized by UNESCO as part of the world cultural heritage.