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Church dance ensemble “Branko”






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Church dance ensemble “Branko”

The church-dance ensemble “Branko” was founded in 2004 on the initiative of the members of the board of the NCPD “Branko”, as a new type of organization of children who approached the church in those years, looking for their place in it. with the eye and with the blessing of the Bishop of Nis Irinej. Since its founding until today, the ensemble has been attended by over 500 members. Within the ensemble, there are 2 groups, the younger children’s group and the older children’s group. The older one has 20 members, the younger group 40 members. The ensemble has performed in all countries in the region: in Bulgaria (at the Festival “Children of the Balkans with Spirituality in Europe”, Haskovo), Montenegro (at the gathering of Orthodox children in Cetinje), Croatia (at “Branko’s Days”, Vukovar), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Turkey, Belarus, Russia and Austria. On their travels, the members of the ensemble must visit monasteries and churches. The dance ensemble “Branko” is one of the representatives of Serbia at the great European children’s event, “Joy of Europe” in Belgrade. At the invitation of the royal family Karadjordjevic, he was a guest at the White Palace and presented the culture of the Serbian people to the representatives of the diplomatic corps, and at the invitation of the representatives of the Russian Embassy, ​​the ensemble visited the Russian House in Belgrade. He opened the Republic Assembly of Young Farmers of Serbia in the Belgrade Center “Sava”. On the occasion of Children’s Week, the ensemble had the honor of performing in the ceremonial hall of the Republic Parliament in Belgrade as part of the “Chalk Draws with Imagination” event. The ensemble often participated in humanitarian events. The ensemble was a guest at the festival in Macedonia in 2018, the festival in Greece in 2019 and the festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2020, with numerous guest appearances throughout Serbia. The ensemble’s repertoire includes games from Stara Planina, games from Crna trava, games from Pirot, games from Macva, Vodarka (women’s game from Macedonia). The ensemble also has its own clergyman who takes care of the upbringing and spiritual age of the members of the ensemble. Aleksandar Milenković. The artistic director of the ensemble is Vlado Janošević.