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Cultural Art Society “Branislav Nusic”




Владичин Хан


Никола Тесла 2, Владичин Хан 17510


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Cultural Art Society “Branislav Nusic”

In the south of Serbia, exactly halfway between Belgrade and Thessaloniki, at the confluence of three rivers, at the crossroads of three roads, on the left and right side of the highway and railway, there is Vladicin Han. And in that Han, in many ways, a unique cultural and artistic society. Unique in the number and beauty of members, in the number of performances and awards – neither a smaller city nor a larger society. The cultural and artistic association “Branislav Nušić” started working in the 1930s and worked occasionally until the 1980s. He has been working continuously since 1983. He is young in the number of years of continuous work, but experienced in the number of performances and the tradition he has. By nurturing the customs and traditions of the Serbian people, dances from all over Serbia, the society captivates and wins numerous awards for its originality: it has been in the company of the best ensembles in Serbia seven times, won awards for best choreography, best choreography, successful research, and much more. award, certificate of appreciation and diploma. The applause of millions of hands of folklore lovers is the biggest and dearest reward to the society. The name of Vladicin Han is known throughout Serbia, but also throughout Europe. The cultural and artistic society made him famous with its dance and song. The society has been a guest in Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Macedonia, Republika Srpska, Turkey, Sweden, etc. The cultural and artistic society “Branislav Nusic” singing boys and girls that the song carries; and they carry the song and the game in their hearts and carry it around the world, preserving the Holy Spirit, preserving the customs, traditions and roots of Serbia.