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National Chitalishte “New Horizons 2009”


България / Перник


Перник, България


Град Перник 2300 ул. Радомир 1 А


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National Chitalishte “New Horizons 2009”

National Chitalishte “New Horizons – 2009” is a new community center in the Municipality of Pernik. Its founders launched the initiative to create a new cultural and information organization, realizing that the new times require a qualitatively new attitude to people’s needs. The mission of “New Horizons” is to make a community center of a new type, in which to develop creativity and innovation. In the context of the changes in the Law for the People’s Chitalishte in Bulgaria, the Community Center “New Horizons – 2009” orients its main activities in the direction of providing information services for the citizens, generating significant public events and civic positions, creating a cultural space based on sustainable national and European values.