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Playful round

The Association of Youth for the Preservation of Folk Tradition “Playful Circle” from Medvedja was founded at the end of April 2018 and gathers about eighty members. The president of the society is Bojana Lakušić, and the artistic director is Marko Živić. During their work, members of the association had a performance within the First International Folklore Festival in Medvedja, participation in the event “Mowing on Marovac” in Marovac and guest appearance at the annual concert of KUD “Vidovdanski Vez” in Smilovac near Razanj. The association twice participated on the television “Happy” in the show “Prelo in our alley” and once in “Sharenica” on RTS. She also took part in the folklore festival in Sjenica, as well as in festivals abroad, twice in Valdanje in Italy and once in Makednoska Kamenica in Northern Macedonia.